BABY! magazine

internationaal magazine over fashion, art, design en media

Our goal is to surpass standard expectations of art, style and fashion magazines. To be novel and eccentric, quirky and quintessential. Our publication is a new platform through which artists from all genres can reach a wider and fresher audience. Many of BABY’s conceptually driven features are being submitted by artists from all over the world. Artists that produce their own creative baby and use our magazine to share it with the world. If it would be up to us we would like to see even more. Dare to Share. Admit to Submit.

Gegevens van "BABY! magazine"

Frequentie: 4 edities per jaar
Gemiddelde oplage: 40000 stuks
Formaat tijdschrift: 230 x 297 mm.
Uitgever: BABY
Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 262
1012 RS
+31 20 530 6666

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