L’Annホe Hippique 2005/2006

A View into the equestrian world.

For more then half a century, the international equestrian yearbook L’Annホe Hippique is published in close cooperation with the Fホdホration Equestre International (F.E.I.). In more than 500 pages the entire equestrian season is described in English and German; offering a detailed report on all major equestrian events and important championships. Supported by full colour pictures, featuring the champions and interesting background stories, every edition is a unique one, and is an essential part of every equestrian library.

Gegevens van "L’Annホe Hippique 2005/2006"

Frequentie: 1 edities per jaar
Gemiddelde oplage: 44000 stuks
Formaat tijdschrift: 233 x 320 mm.
Uitgever: BCM
Postbus 1392
5602 BJ
040 - 84 47 644

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