Ports & Shipping Industry

The independent magazine charting port and shipping news, with business in mind.

�For many years I�ve noticed a gap in maritime media,� said Dennis Vinkoert Executive Editor of Yellow & Finch Publishers. To fill this gap, Yellow & Finch launched the new international magazine � Ports & Shipping Industry (PSI) � in May 2012. Although, superyachts, offshore operations and ship achievements often occupy the spotlight, international ports and shipping are the backbone of the maritime world. �Perhaps outshined in the past, they now have a new voice,� Mr Vinkoert explains. With in-depth coverage and timely information, PSI is crucial in the management of today�s ports, merchant shipping and connected trades. It is flexible enough to include Dutch-specific content, yet with a strong worldview. PSI brings the industry a new and independent perspective.

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