Periodiek over landschapsarchitectuur, ruimtelijke planning en sociaal-ruimtelijke analyse

In the thirteen years of its existence, the magazine TOPOS manifested itself as a medium with substantial deepening and as a platform for the exchange of ideas. Right now the magazine appears four times a year, while it still is produced by students. It functions as an intermediary between the university, students and the professional world. Using actual themes, TOPOS presents both a practical and theoretical based magazine, in which many people share their ideas, opinions and experiences. Themes are chosen in respect to recent and future developments, in both the educational and the professional world. Besides this the articles on graduation topics, our entertaining columns and the book reviews secure a firm and steady structure. The basic language of the magazine is Dutch, but we welcome English articles as well.

Gegevens van "TOPOS"

Frequentie: 3 edities per jaar
Gemiddelde oplage: 450 stuks
Formaat tijdschrift: 205 x 287 mm.
Gemiddelde omvang: 50 pagina's
Uitgever: GVO printers & designers B.V. | Ponsen & Looijen
Niels Bohrstraat 36
6716 AM

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